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Are You Ready For This Jelly? is an engaging, entertaining, entrepreneurial inspiring and motivational read.

The reader will get the story of how The Mango Ladies became the owners of a Hospitality Brand that includes culinary, wellness, lodging and health attributes. From start to finish, the reader will be immersed in their uplifting entrepreneurial journey complete with multiple moving parts, sheer exhilaration, heartbreak, pivots and healing. This book is filled with true to life stories while answering many questions that have been asked over the years about this trio and their businesses along with actionable advice for entrepreneurs especially lady entrepreneurs who they have affectionately named “entrepreneHERS”.

In addition, there is a MANGOLICIOUS section that explains 100 ways to use the mango preserves for the reader’s own personal or entertaining desires.

The Mango Ladies often say that when they first got their mango preserves in nationwide stores, their goal was not to get on the shelves but to get their jars of preserves off the shelves and in people’s tummies. That same sentiment holds true for this book and they cannot wait to get the book into your hands and onto your coffee table.

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